“Shared-care Concept of Care” by Dr Louis Siegel

John Moore of Chilmark Research wrote “A Comment, A Challenge” and shared a thought-provoking commentary from Dr Siegel on the topic of PHRs. The “Wall of Apathy” and medicine’s “Closed Society” result in keeping patients out of the loop with limited information.

Dr Siegel suggests focusing on a “shared platform that is both provider and patient accessible and readable.”

We couldn’t agree more – check out our sharing platform that enables Dr Siegel’s shared-care concept of care .

After MU and ARRA incentive $ – what’s next?

August 8, 2011 – On Health Care Technology blog:

Margalit Gur-Arie writes a great overview “From EHR to HIE and Back” of the current state of affairs in the HIEs marketplace and how ambulatory EHRs fit in as well as a look into the future convergence of EHR and HIE.  The framework provides a good forum for discussion and understanding.  Mitochon Systems is a hybrid of Figure 4 – a free fully certified ambulatory EHR plus HIE lite.

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$400 Million in Incentives Payments Issued So Far

Approximately 77,000 providers have registered with CMS for the EHR incentive program – the momentum continues!

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