Patented Business Model

Physician Content Services (PCS) was awarded a Patent in April 2012 and continued the development of the Intellectual Property with additional claims in August 2012. The valuation of this patent has been enhanced by recent HIPAA legislation and Pharma marketers starting to demand contextual, granular diagnosis and medication code level targeting which is HIPPA compliant. The Mitochon patent covers both the business model and the method of delivery of the content. The EHR market is characterized by a move to lower cost cloud based systems and EHR and other HIT vendors such as Health Information Exchange (HIE) vendors are moving towards a hybrid lower physician charge and content supported revenue model. Other organizations such as the Insurance community, the ACO networks and Device manufacturers will utilize this highly targeted content delivery platform.

Mitochons network partners are also content providers as Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) wish to communicate to their physician and patient communities.