Mitochon and CureMD Partner to Deliver Targeted Clinical Content to thousands of Physicians

Mitochon Systems Inc., Laguna Hills, CA, June 7, 2013 – CureMD Healthcare, a leading national provider of award winning EMR, Practice Management and Billing Services and Mitochon Systems Inc., announced today a partnership to utilize Mitochons patented delivery platform for clinical content for physicians and patients, drug sample programs, co-pay vouchers, DME orders and pharma promotional messaging to the entire CureMD subscriber network.


Bill Hashmat, CIO and CO founder at CureMD Healthcare stated, “CureMD constantly strives for innovative approaches that benefit its subscribers though advances in patient safety, improving outcomes and quality while reducing costs” he continued. “The ability to connect with multiple content sources through a single connection is a significant factor in establishing this preferred partnership.” He further stated, “Mitochons deep understanding of the technical and workflow challenges that EHR vendor’s face in regards to content delivery, along with pharma demand for their patented Granular and Contextually targeted content made this an exciting partnership to enter.”


Mitochon content Service is a HIPAA compliant, patented delivery model for a variety of clinical and promotional content to the EHR community. It also provides support for Meaningful Use stage 2 compliance. The benefit of a simple internet based connection, eliminating the high cost of establishing custom API’s and the ongoing maintenance associated with them, is an attractive proposition to the EHR vendor’s. The significant incremental revenue stream from multiple content sources is also very attractive proposition to help subsidize EMR adoption.


“We are delighted to enter this partnership and further develop our patented content solutions within CureMD’s physician networks” said Chris Riley CEO at Mitochon. “In CureMD we have a forward thinking, agile partner who understands the dynamics in the market place in regards to declining ability to extract high prices from physicians for EHR systems and the need to develop significant revenue from other services. The patent was approved in April 2012 and we are on the move to deploy it with leading EMR venders across the nation.”


About CureMD
CureMD is an award winning provider of EMR, practice management and billing services to help optimize outcomes, quality and returns. CureMD is consistently ranked as the number 1 SaaS EMR by independent research organizations for the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry.


About Mitochon

Founded in 2006 and awarded a patent for the delivery of targeted, contextual clinical and promotional content to EHR systems in 2012. Mitochon offers EHR vendors incremental revenue from the delivery of targeted content to their physician and patient communities, enabling better outcomes and assisting in reducing medical costs

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