Pharma the paying client has an opportunity to utilize contextual granular content delivered to the clinical setting influencing both Physicians and Patients. They can engage in a multi-channel, multi-device buy with different components within the same platform.

EHR Partner networks gain multiple content solutions from one simpler technical connection, assisting physician users. Generating greater revenue to offset continued pricing pressure in the physician market for their  HITservices.

Content Partners gain additional market penetration. Premium pricing for newly developed digital content and services. Access to Mitochon’s patented algorithms for the delivery of contextual content.

Physicians Content saves time and improves treatment & outcomes. Recent research shows 67% of Phyicians using EHR’s are looking for Pharma content and messaging. Achieve Meaningful Use criteria for patient information distribution.

Patients Increased awareness and education engages patients in their healthcare. More functionality in their PHR’s.